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Growing Latino population is dispersing, report shows

Although Latinos tend to live in certain parts of the country, they are continuously dispersing, according to a new report released by the Pew Research … Read More

War hits close to home for Latin Americans of Syrian descent

The recent news of the Venezuelan-Syrian member of parliament, Adel El Zabaya, leaving to fight alongside the government of Bashar Al Assad was no surprise to … Read More

Gay Latinos celebrate ruling that allows them to receive federal tax benefits

For Farid Ali Lancheros, a father and happily married gay Latino, hearing the news that all married, same-sex couples in the U.S. will receive federal tax … Read More

StoryCorps Historias: A US citizen deported to Mexico in 1933, still proud to be American

In 1933, Ruben Aguilar was deported to Mexico as part of a largely forgotten Mexican Repatriation Program run by the U.S. government. During the Great … Read More

Three TV shows to binge watch – with Latino actors

There’s no better time to catch up on hours of television than the three-day holiday weekend. And we’re not talking about your average novela either: we’re … Read More

Opinion: My immigrant family’s debt of gratitude to civil rights pioneers

Regardless what side you take in the immigration reform debate, one fact is undeniable: last November our nation experienced the powerful demographic shift … Read More

Farewell to summer: our favorite warm-weather cocktails

Labor Day weekend signals that the end of summer is around the corner, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to put away the beach towels and sunscreen just yet. And … Read More

Christina Aguilera releases new video for single “Let There Be Love,” features boyfriend, son Max

Christina Aguilera wants you to know that she's really feeling the love with the release of a new video for a song that's all about spreading love and joy … Read More

Opinion: Obamacare on offense – a steep climb, but better late than never

Sarah Palin gave birth to “Death Panels” four years ago this month.   Death panels with bureaucrats deciding who got care and who did not, who got to live or … Read More

9 interactive tech tools that can help your child in the classroom

As the school year begins across the country, it’s time for parents like you to start thinking about how you can support your child’s learning over the next 10 … Read More