Spanish actress Penélope Cruz. (Photo/Getty Images)

Penelope Cruz gets racy with directorial debut for Agent Provocateur

We mentioned that Penelope Cruz was gearing up for her directorial debut, but the actual film – a short film for L’Agent, a collection designed by Cruz and sister Monica for high-end lingerie brand Agent Provocateur – defines the term racy, featuring dozens of women wearing skimpy lingerie.

The NSFW video – written and directed by Cruz – features Spanish actor Miguel Angel Silvestre, who by donning a pair of special L’Agent sunglasses, can seemingly undress women with a glance. Immediately, sexy women are pictured in skimpy bra and panty sets (accessorized by sky-high heels, of course), all the object of Angel’s slightly lecherous fantasies. As the short continues, the models – all wearing L’Agent underwear, of course – are seen licking cake frosting off their fingers, frolicking on oversized couches, making out in threesomes, dancing provocatively and lounging poolside.

And the video doesn’t end there. Silvestre’s character even receives a steamy lap dance from Russian supermodel Irina Shayk, all moments before it’s revealed that he’s been dreaming as the result of heatstroke while on the job as a construction worker. And if the actor who rudely awakens him looks oddly familiar, you’re not mistaken, as Cruz’s husband Javier Bardem makes a playful appearance as a burly foreman in his wife’s project.

The video – which premiered online Thursday – is Cruz’s first directorial effort and also features a cameo by sister Monica, heavily pregnant in a hot pink baby doll chemise.

“I got my sister a few days before she gave birth,” Cruz said in a behind-the-scenes interview regarding her sister’s appearance. “And I thought she wasn’t going to make it but she came and looked beautiful.”

And while beauty seems to be the premise of the six-minute long film, Cruz — a self-professed collector of lingerie — said that the film was meant to showcase creativity – not just gorgeous models with size-zero figures.

“It’s important to send the message that this is for everybody,” said Cruz, who was pregnant with her daughter during the filming of her short. “I can find beauty in so many different types of women. I didn’t just want to show the beautiful bodies of the models, I wanted to tell a story.”

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