Taco Rally for a good cause: NYC org raises funds for Mexican-American Student Alliance

Video by Alessandra Hickson

Rally Downtown, an organization created after Hurricane Sandy in order to help small businesses get back on their feet, hosted it’s first “NYC Taco Rally” on Thursday.

Six restaurants in New York City, including The Taco Shop, El Diablito Taqueria, Mercadito, Toloache, Choza Taqueria and The Bagel Store competed for the best taco. Among those in attendance were young professionals, including a food scientist, as well as chapulines — or grasshoppers — commonly eaten in certain areas of Mexico. Ten percent of the funds raised went to the Mexican-American Student Alliance (MASA), a non-profit organization which provides free tutoring and mentoring programs to under-served students.

According to the 2010 Census, approximately 41 percent of New York City’s 16- to 19-year-olds of Mexican descent did not graduate from high school — the highest proportion of any major ethnic group in the city. President of MASA, Angelo Cabrera, founded the organization to reverse this trend.

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“The funds from the Taco Rally will help fund our after school program such as, books and school supplies,” says Cabrera. “We also hope to expand to serve other Latino communities, move to a bigger space, and add more programs in arts, dance, and science.”

As far as the best taco, however, no winner has been determined yet.

“They are all so good,” says Cabrera, with a big smile on his face.

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