House Judiciary Committee Chair Bob Goodlatte (R-SC) (Photo/Getty Images )

Goodlatte: “good possibilities” of immigration reform

There are “good possibilities” of an immigration reform during this year’s congressional session, said House Judiciary Committee Chairman and Virginia Republican Bob Goodlatte.

Speaking on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” Goodlatte said there is time to reform the broken system, but also gave a warning:

“First you have to assure there’s not going to be another wave of illegal immigration,” he said.

“We have to again, restore the trust of American people by saying that the law is going to be enforced,” Goodlatte said. “We need new laws on employment verification, on entry exit visas system, on allowing state and local law enforcement to have a clear statutorily defined role.”

Goodlatte believes that the proper way to accomplish an immigration reform will be to do it “step-by-step” by addressing different areas of immigration reform at a time.

A comprehensive reform will follow the mistakes of the 1986 laws that gave an easy pathway but did not enforce further immigration laws,  Goodlatte said.

But Virginia Democrat Bobby Scott disagrees.

“The agreement has to be comprehensive,” he said. “You have to secure the borders deal with the people that are here and then deal with the people that are coming here on the irrational basis.”

Scott said there is a possibility that the house will  be able to vote on a comprehensive bill, following the steps of the senate vote.

“I don’t think you can do it piecemeal because people have different interest, an overwhelming portion are willing to go with a comprehensive package,” he said. “But doing it piecemeal will be problematic.”

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