Actresses Sharon Stone (l) and Sofia Vergara (r) on the New York City set of “Fading Gigolo” in November 2012. (Photo/Getty Images)

Sofia Vergara strips down as Sharon Stone’s girlfriend in “Fading Gigolo”

Sofia Vergara may be engaged to businessman Nick Loeb, but in her newest film, Vergara is in a committed relationship with a woman and strips down to her lingerie for some sexy scenes alongside on-camera girlfriend Sharon Stone.

In the comedy “Fading Gigolo,” Vergara stars as one half of a wealthy couple who turn to an unassuming pimp to help the couple spice things up in the bedroom. The pimp – played by 77-year-old Woody Allen – then recruits John Turturro’s Fioravante for a ménage à trois.

“Is he tall?” asks Vergara as character Selima in one scene when the subject is brought up.  “I really think that I should try him.”

In another scene, Vergara reveals more of her character’s sexual preferences.

“I like it rough,” Vergara says in the film, which will premiere in September at the Toronto International Film Festival. “Sometimes I even like to be the man to strap on my gun.”

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In real life – much like her ‘Fading Gigolo” character – Vergara isn’t shy about revealing how she maintains her sense of sexy.

“I’m Latin; I do it no matter what,” the Emmy Award-nominated actress told the August issue of Harper’s Bazaar.  “It’s automatic. I shower, do hair and makeup. For me, it’s like shaving. I don’t believe in a natural look. Lipstick brightens your face! Unless you’re Gisele Bündchen or 19, you need something.  Most of my girlfriends are very good with it because they’re Latin, but some of the Americans, I give them lipstick like, ‘Put it on!'”

Watch the 41-year-old in action in the trailer for “Fading Gigolo.”

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