NBC Latino’s 20 Innovators -Hispanic Heritage Month

This year during Hispanic Heritage Month, NBCLatino.com presents its second annual list of 20 Innovators.

These men and women exemplify the very best, brightest and most accomplished in the Hispanic community.

They come from a variety of different countries of origin and have been responsible for creating major change in society, science, technology, medicine and the arts.  Some are well-known, some are less-known – and that is the point.  There are now approximately 53 million Latinos in the U.S – 17 percent of the population – constituting the country’s largest ethnic minority, according to Census figures.  By 2060, the projected Latino population is expected to reach 128.8 million.  Increasingly, like our Innovators show, Latinos in the U.S. and around the world are taking leadership roles responsible for fundamentally transforming our societies and our economies.

Many of the NBC Latino Innovators are using their chosen fields – whether they be medicine and scientific research or designing and manufacturing clothing – and using them as conduits for making the world around them better.

We congratulate these Innovators, as well as the accomplishments of the nation’s over 50 million Latinos, who are an integral part of our country’s unique and dynamic fabric.

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