Recording artist Olga Tañón performing during the People en Español Festival on Sept. 1, 2012. (Photo/Getty Images)

Olga Tañon recruits artists Gloria Trevi, Larry Hernandez for immigration reform campaign

Recording artist Olga Tañon is leading the way in a star-studded effort to campaign for immigration reform, recruiting fellow musicians to speak up on behalf of undocumented immigrants nationwide.

Tañon, the recipient of several Grammys and Premios los Nuestro Awards, has taken up a leadership role with CASA in Action, a non-profit legislative and political advocacy organization based in Virginia. As such, she’s helped launch a national awareness campaign with the help of artists Gloria Trevi, Jose Manuel Figueroa, Despierta America, Sissi Fleitas, Tanya Charry, Mafio, Fedro, DJ Laz, Noel Torres, Jasmina Marazita, Larry Hernandez, Cristian Castro, Un Nuevo Día, Alexandra Cabrera, Ana Bárbara, Gabriel Soto, Nklabe, Jorge Muñiz, Jesús Ochoa and Elena Guerrero.

Each of these artists will contribute to CASA in Action’s national outreach campaign through PSAs, social media outreach and interviews.

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“My unconditional support is with all the undocumented immigrants in the United States, I have been and will always be in the struggle until we have justice for all of our brothers,” said Tañon in a press release. “I have faith in God and hope that we will celebrate soon the passage of the immigration reform bill.”

As part of her outreach, Tañon will take to the stage on Oct. 2 in a performance for President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama in Washington, D.C.  She’ll also be lending her support to the national October 8th Camino Americano: Concert and March for Immigrant Dignity and Respect in Washington, D.C. , which will coincide with simultaneous rallies held in a double-digit amount of cities nationwide.

Tañon, 46, has been outspoken about her case for speedy immigration reform, joining activists like Dolores Huerta and legislators like Congressman Luis Gutierrez and Asian-American Congresswoman Judy Chu at a rally in Washington, D.C. during April of this year.

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