“It has changed my life” – a tennis association gives blind students a chance to play

An organization in Laredo, Texas is giving kids the opportunity to play tennis but what makes this program so unique is the fact all the kids who are part of the program are blind.

The Laredo Tennis Association is a volunteer-based organization that rolled out a new program to get kids who normally wouldn’t play the game of tennis a chance to learn the game.

Established 18 years ago, the Laredo Tennis Association is working toward developing and growing the game of tennis in Laredo and surrounding areas. This year the organization rolled out a new program; a program for the blind. Doing things they’re not used to doing, these kids are enjoying every minute of the program.

“It has changed my life because before I didn’t do anything and now I’m having fun,” says participant Cruz Ramos.

For 17-year-old Ramos, who is legally blind in both eyes, the experience has been life changing. The program has introduced him to a sport he hopes to continue.

“It is a good experience because now I know blind people like myself can also do it, not only sighted people,” says Ramos. “I’m going to come back here again and hopefully one day play tennis.”

This program for the blind was introduced by instructors from McAllen. Since starting the course, the program has taken off and may have found a permanent home in Laredo.

The organization has grown in the past four years, from 40 members to 380 members today.

“As time went on we fell in love with the program more and more,” says Claudia Villarreal from the Laredo Tennis Association. “The kids are having so much fun and learning so much. At the beginning, a lot of the kids were stiff and had never even run before. With the help of the coach and support of the staff they’ve seen these kids not only do more physically but they’ve opened up as well.”

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