Rihanna attends the Opening Ceremony Spring 2014 fashion show at on September 8, 2013 in New York City. (Photo/Getty Images)

Rihanna criticizes Dominican Republic for having roaches the “size of a bat”

Rihanna has sold out hundreds of concerts around the globe but it looks like she may not be welcomed warmly in the Dominican Republic after slamming the island on social media after a recent stay.

The 25-year-old Barbados native  was in the Dominican Republic as a stop during her “Diamonds” world tour, when on Monday, she found herself with several unexpected guests at her hotel room. It wasn’t Chris Brown that showed up her room, but rather a few rodents which scared the pop star nto a panic.

“I just get run out my room from a bat, a grasshopper, and a roach de size of a bat!!!” tweeted Rihanna. “Only in the #DR.”

The comments quickly ignited reaction among Dominicans, who responded with Twitter comments ranging from the comedic – “Did you stay in the bushes?” and “That’s why the Dominican Republic is unique” – to the downright indignant.

“Talking about my country, where we open the doors for you to come to this beautiful island,” tweeted Lisandra Rivas.

Some fans – make that former fans – even suggested that the pop star saw rodents as a hallucination resulting from excessive weed and alcohol consumption.

“The grasshopper was the weed you were smoking,” tweeted one user, while another wrote “It wasn’t a roach…it was ur mind with all that molly u use.”

Popular radio host Álvaro Arvelo even addressed the tweet, taking to his show “El Gobierno de la Mañana” to say that Rihanna’s allegations were essentially “full of hot air.”

He also called her concert “una porquería, un desastre, un concierto vacío,” reported EFE.

Although Rihanna made her comments about her hotel room on Monday, hotel management told EFE that the singer checked out on Sunday – one day prior to telling the world about her unwelcome visitors.

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