A new Barbie doll made in Jennifer Lopez’s likeness lacks the star’s killer curves. (Photos/Mattel & Getty Images)

J. Lo Barbie throws fans for a curve

Jennifer Lopez has always been proud of her bodacious bod but it seems that two new collectible Barbies made in her likeness are lacking the star’s signature curves.

Mattel released two Jennifer Lopez Barbie dolls this week; one dressed in an outfit modeled after the vampy gown Lopez wore to the 2012 Oscars and the second, dressed in a sequined Zuhair Murad bodysuit that Lopez wore during her “Dance Again” world tour. And while many details of the dolls were exquisitely mimicked – for example, Jennifer Lopez Red Carpet has the same glamorous updo as the starlet originally wore on the red carpet _ the dolls hardly have the same hourglass curves as J.Lo herself.

“This JLo Barbie would be perfect if it had junk in the trunk,” wrote Ariel Nagi on Twitter, echoing the sentiments of many women _ and men _ regarding the new dolls.

“That’s funny! JLo is full figured with a very ample butt … She’s no Twiggy or emaciated model,” commented Dan Mutispaugh on a Facebook post by Radio Station Aire de San Justo 101.1, showing a side-by-side of Lopez and the dolls. “The doll is J.Lo after a 50 lb weight loss!!!” added Diana Winters.

But company Mattel  _ which introduced the very first Barbie in 1959 –  says the doll was made from a new design meant to emulate Lopez’s hips, thighs and derriere; not the traditional mold used to create the traditional Barbie doll, whom critics have slammed for its unrealistic proportions.

“We created a specialty sculpt that has more enhanced curves,” Robert Best, Barbie director of design told Yahoo Shine.

Lopez, who was recently honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, is a fan of the dolls.

I wanted to live in Barbie’s world. I wanted to be Barbie,” Lopez said of her childhood love for the dolls in an interview with ET. “It really does make sense that I wanted to turn my own life into Barbie’s life. When you’re growing up in the Bronx, it’s very limited at first. I think Barbie represents infinite possibilities. The dream is still alive. You never get too far away from that little girl, or you shouldn’t.”

And it seems that Lopez was thinking of her own daughter, 5-year-old Emme when she was approached having a doll made in her likeness.

“They can play in their rooms and go, ‘What am I going to do with my life?'” said Lopez, who recently admitted to Cosmo for Latinas that she was told to “make changes” to her body early in her career. “You just have to follow your dreams. Nobody knows what’s right for you but you. You should dream big because you never know what’s going to happen.”

There’s no word whether Lopez has learned of the controversy surrounding the Barbie doll’s stick-thin figure, but with so much attention on Latina’s bodies in the media _ think speculation surrounding Christina Aguilera’s recent slimdown and Shakira’s admission earlier this year that losing the baby weight was “stressful” _ we have to ask: is it ok that Jennifer Lopez Barbie looks so much thinner than the pop star it’s modeled after?

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