San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro shares a moment with Vice President Joe Biden at a September fundraiser for a senator. AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro delights Chicago crowd with talk of his future

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, long seen as bound for bigger things, tantalized a Chicago crowd Friday with talk of what’s ahead for him.

Castro, who gave the keynote speech at the 2012 Democratic Convention, spoke Friday at the Latino Policy Forum breakfast that attendees described as standing-room only in Twitter posts.

He hit a number of themes:  Education, Latino youth and public-private partnerships, according to the tweeting attendees.

He also raised some excitement when he discussed what comes next for him after being San Antonio mayor.

Journalist Alex Perez, who emceed the event, asked Castro, the mayor, about what he saw for himself in the mayoral afterlife and posted the interchange in an Instagram missive:

Photo by perezreports

Castro’s office said the comments weren’t a detour from the mayor’s usual comments on the issue. Jaime Castillo, the mayor’s spokesman, said the mayor told him he had said what he usually says, something along the lines of “I’ll take a look around and see what’s available statewide.”

Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s term ends in 2014 and he has been traveling the country, recently visiting Iowa, in what is seen as buildup to a presidential run in 2016.

Castro, who is Mexican-American, has long been touted as meant for bigger things, potentially  the first Latino president.

Republicans hold all statewide offices in Texas and have for years, but the state is majority-minority and is 38.2 percent Hispanic.

Democrats and others recently have been focusing resources on the state in attempt to improve Latino voter turnout and perhaps their own fortunes in the state.

Castro won his third term in May, taking 66.5 percent of the vote against six challengers. The city allows him four, two-year terms.

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