Singer Demi Lovato arrives at Fox’s “The X Factor” Season 3 premiere party at Ciccone Restaurant on September 5, 2013 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo/Getty Images)

Demi Lovato says new advice book reveals healing after addiction

Demi Lovato’s new advice book “Staying Strong: 365 Days a Year” comes out on Nov. 19 and with her collection of inspirational thoughts and quotes, she wants young people to know that they are not alone in their struggles.

“Growing up, I needed someone in the public eye to look up to. At the time, it was starlets clubbing and getting really, really thin. That’s what I thought was cool and glamorous,” Lovato told Entertainment Weekly in its Nov. 15 issue. “But now I want to inspire that young girl who thinks she’s overweight, or too thin, or not pretty enough.”

Lovato – who left the “Jonas Brothers Live in Concert” tour to check into rehab when she was just 18 years old – told EW that when she left rehab in 2011, she “honestly thought my career was over.”

“If people really knew how dark and deep my struggles got — not just with my eating disorder but with drugs and alcohol — they’d be really shocked,” said the former Disney Channel star, who is currently in the process of writing a memoirThe 21-year-old said she’ll “most likely end up saying everything,” in the upcoming book about her life, sharing “maybe it’ll help other people in the industry who are headed down the wrong path.”

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The Albuquerque, New Mexico native – who has been public about her struggles with bulimia, bipolar disorder and self-harm – also revealed that while she’s happy to be a role model, she’s still “in no position to give people advice on their careers.”

Even so, Lovato has plenty of big plans for her own career, which began when she joined “Barney and Friends” as a cast member at ten years old. They include becoming a prosecuting attorney, a director, and even, Lovato said, a future in politics.

“I want to pass bills in Congress about bullying,” said “The X Factor” judge. I really, really want to have my own talk show one day — be the next Oprah. I really do want to save the world.”

“I know that’s kind of impossible, but I’m striving for it.”

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