Eliseo Medina invites Americans to join in fasting during Dec. 1-3 to bring about a vote on immigration reform.

Immigration reform fasters invite Americans to join them on Dec. 1-3

Americans are being invited to go hungry at the start of next month in support of three people now in their third week of a fast they undertook to move House Speaker John Boehner to call a vote on immigration reform.

Activists are marking Dec. 1-3 as National Days to Act, Fast and Pray. They want those who support their pleas for a vote on immigration reform by year’s end to join them. By then, most Americans, having sufficiently stuffed themselves with turkey and fixings, will be already at work on leftovers.

Eliseo Medina, a veteran of the farmworker rights protests of the 1960s, said the protesters will fast during Thanksgiving, and they will sip water rather than savor turkey, and pray rather than watch a football game.

“We began our fast out of faith and hope, faith that the American people will join us and hope that we can touch John Boehner’s heart and move him to take action and bring an immigration reform bill to the floor of the House of Representatives that includes a pathway to citizenship,” Medina said.

“We pray for Speaker Boehner who we know to be a good and decent man, to look deep within his heart and truly grasp the human suffering that happens every single day that we do not change the broken immigration system” Medina said.

It remains to be seen how long the fasters  – Eliseo Medina of Service Employees International Union; Cristian Avila, of Mi Familia Vota and Dae Joong Yoon, of National Korean American Service & Education Consortium  – will maintain their fast. Although that is the aim, three weeks generally is considered how long a person can go without food.

The House is in recess this week.

Another faster, the Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, of National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, is on a 40-day fast that he began Nov. 4.

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